Three reasons customised headwear can get your brand noticed

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Whether it’s a fast food restaurant or a car dealership, all kinds of companies encourage their representatives to wear caps bearing their logo, but why is it so effective?

1. Instantly noticeable

There’s a popular saying of “if you want to get ahead and get noticed, get a hat.” This is because while items of clothing like shirts, trousers and shoes can make an impact, a hat will usually be the first part of an outfit that gets noticed.

When two people talk to each other in person, they do so on a face-to-face basis, so any headwear will be directly in each other’s line of sight. This is why branded caps are often so effective in customer service and sales roles.

2. Confidence and authority

If you feel at ease, you’re more likely to make a positive impression. For many of us, our caps are a part of who we are and what we wear, so branded headwear makes us naturally more assertive.

With many police departments now issuing officers with caps instead of traditional custodian helmets, it shows that they can convey authority too.

3. Quality and flexibility

Customised caps can be designed in any way the imagination allows, meaning there are all kinds of novel and distinctive ways to catch attention. At Flexfit, we’re extremely proud of our domestic embroidery program, which allows you to create your design in a range of formats. We’ll take it and develop into a top quality logo for your headwear, delivering a speedy turnaround and a 100% Flexfit guarantee.

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