Three reasons why the Flexfit Delta cap is ideal for branding

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At Flexfit, we’re always looking for new ways to develop caps and never stop looking at how they could be improved. It’s this desire to always be at the pinnacle of headwear technology that led us to create the Flexfit Delta hat.

A futuristic, top-of-the-range cap, we believe it’s really raised the bar in the headwear sector with its numerous high-tech, patented features. For a variety of reasons, we believe it to be an ideal item for any business considering using caps for brand recognition.

Whether you’re looking to wear recognisable caps at an event, or you’re planning to hand them out to ensure recipients get an excellent piece of apparel emblazoned with the name or logo of your company, here are three reasons to choose Delta:

1. Windproof and waterproof

Caps were originally designed to be worn outdoors, and although it’s now common to see people wear them inside buildings, the fact remains that they have a practical use. It therefore makes a lot of sense for caps to be designed to withstand the elements and protect their wearers.

With the Delta cap, water resistance is standard thanks to the application of the SP Hybrid Coat. Applied to the cap material before the manufacturing process begins, the coat ensures the cap will keep its shape and texture no matter how much it rains, and keep your head dry too – from the visor through to the sweatband.

Delta is also designed to be windproof, which will keep your caps looking stylish even in less than glamourous conditions. You can never guarantee the weather will be perfect for your outdoor business event, but at least with Delta, you have a cap that prepares you for the worst.

2. Keep cool and dry

The other possible weather extremity with an outdoor business event is very hot weather. A cap is always useful in bright sunshine, but with Delta, you can keep an especially cool head.

Delta caps are designed to be light and sleek, built with thermal regulation to allow for maximum comfort. The antibacterial bond tape make sure the cap stays dry and clean, as does the cap’s specially formulated moisture-absorbing sweatband.

Hygiene is also addressed with the addition of the odour-repelling, enzyme-based Everfresh technology, ensuring not only comfort and confidence for the wearer, but also no embarrassment if you’re coming into close contact with clients or customers.

3. Excellent aesthetics

Lastly, for cap branding to work, it needs to look good, and this is best achieved with the use of high-quality materials.

The classy, cutting edge appearance of the Delta Cap is the perfect background for your company branding, helping to accentuate your message. The Delta avoids stitching to achieve a seamless, precision finish, giving you more space for your logo and branding. We use vivid colours, distinctive textures and supreme quality stitching to give your cap branding a real air of sophistication and luxury.

For caps that will really get your company noticed, accept no substitute for the game-changing Flexfit Delta.

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