Two ways of becoming a Yupoong Hats Wholesale partner


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The Yupoong Hats Wholesale program is your opportunity to benefit from the popularity of Yupoong/Flexfit caps.

There are two main ways of becoming a partner with us:

1. Flexfit branded caps

You can simply browse the Yupoong catalogue and purchase quantities at wholesale prices of Yupoong Flexfit branded hats. These can be sold at retail premises or online. There are many top clothing and sportswear stores in the UK and Europe that already stock Flexfit caps.

At Flexfit, we have a reputation for making hats that are excellent quality, look good and are very practical. There are plenty of opportunities to sell Yupoong caps.

Flexfit caps are made using materials and manufacturing processes that do not harm the environment – another reason why wearers like them so much.

2. Custom caps

A more popular approach is to have your own bespoke caps made by Yupoong. These can be branded with your own logo, text and images.

The first step of this process is to select the style of caps to customise. With all the design and style options available, there are hundreds of different caps to choose from. You could go for classic Dad and Trucker designs, or the more modern looking Delta and 110 styles.

Each cap style is available in several colours and fabric combinations. Cotton blend hats are cool to wear, or you can have the luxury of wool caps. Other customisation options include two-tone colour hats, contrasting stitching, hard buckram for strength, and brass buckles.

One-size-fits-all hats are popular as you do not have to keep a range of several hat sizes, nor do you need to know the size of your hat wearer’s head.

The Yupoong custom design team will help you with the graphics for your hats. Logos images and text can be displayed on the visor, crown or both. Graphics can be positioned centrally or to either side. They can be printed or embroidered on the hat in either a flat or three-dimensional fashion.

The colour and style choices, combined with your own graphics, make custom hats unique to your organisation.

How you can benefit from the Yupoong Hats Wholesale program

There are several ways to utilise wholesale caps purchased from the Yupoong Wholesale Hats Program. Custom hats can be given away or sold. They make ideal promotional gifts, given at events, functions and trade fairs. Companies like to award loyal customers and outstanding employees by gifting premium Yupoong hats.

The great thing about our caps is that they are fashionable and worn by many different types of people. This means that there is a very good chance that your custom Yupoong caps will be worn by many people, which raises your brand awareness when they are seen wearing them.

Yupoong custom caps are branded with the name of popular destinations and sold at tourist gift shops as souvenirs. For high-profile brands, there are opportunities to sell customs caps as desirable fashion items.

Talk to us at Yupoong about the benefits of being part of the Yupoong Hats Wholesale Program, and all the potential doors it could open.

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