What do all Yupoong 110 Snapback wearers have in common?

Feel Good Fit

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There is no typical wearer of the 110 Snapback hat. Young and old, male and female, all love wearing the stylish 110 Snapback. Perhaps the one unifying attitude of 110 Snapback wearers, however, is an appreciation of headwear that perfectly combines stylish looks with comfort and practicality.

Sportspeople love the snapback style because they fit snugly without falling off when exercising hard. Outdoor lovers wear them on treks, while city dwellers proudly don them on the streets.

What is the Flexfit 110 Snapback?

The Flexfit 110 Snapback is an adjustable hat that is both stylish and practical.

The name 110 stands for ‘one size for all ten hat sizes’. There are ten standard hat sizes and the 110 Snapback adjusts to fit all of them automatically.

Perfect performance

Yupoong’s Flexfit 110 Snapback is designed to fit well and be extremely comfortable. It can easily be worn all day long, and the snug fit means that it will not fall off when playing sports or exercising vigorously.

The moisture absorbing sweatband keeps the head cool, dry and odour free. The 110 is a premium quality hat that will last a long time even when worn every day.

Find your look

The 110 Snapback is available in a range of stylish colours, from muted blacks and greys to vibrant reds and blues.

Made from premium wool blends, the crown or visor can be the same colour or in two-tone contrasting shades.

Premium quality

Yupoong has been making baseball style caps for over 40 years and believes in using quality textiles and components to make premium quality headwear.

The Yupoong 110 Snapback is made from top-class materials via a manufacturing process that conforms to international environmental standards. Yupoong factories care for the environment and make sure that manufacturing processes are environmentally friendly.

Strict quality control checks result in caps that are well made and designed to last a long time.

Why not customise?

The Yupoong 110 Snapbacks are ideal for customisation. They can be branded with the logos and slogans of businesses and organisations.

Organisations that give their customers, clients, and staff branded 110 Snapback hats love them because they are premium quality hats which they are proud to associate their brand with. People love wearing them and do not mind being “walking billboards” advertising a brand.

There is only one size required, so you do not have to worry about the caps fitting. Graphics can be added to the crown or visor, either printed or embroidered.

Custom 110 Snapbacks can be given as promotional items or sold as own branded fashion wear. They can be worn by staff, used to promote events, or sold as souvenirs at tourist spots and events.

For further information, talk to a member of the Yupoong Custom Program.

Feel it for yourself

The best way to appreciate the comfort and looks of the Flexfit 110 Snapback hat is to try one on. They are available at leading sportswear and clothing retailers, as well as online.

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