What do pop stars, film stars and presidents have in common?

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Musicians, stars of the big screen and presidents of the United States may not appear to have a lot in common, but they do all have a favoured piece of headgear – the baseball cap.

Singers Beyoncé and Meghan Trainer, along with actresses Hale Berry and Bill Murray, all wear baseball caps. Ex-president Barack Obama was pictured signing autographs wearing a baseball cap, and Donald Trump wears one while playing golf.

Flexfit caps are popular with many wearers, famous or not, who love their combination of style and practicality. Our caps are extremely comfortable to wear, keep the sun out of eyes, and you do not have to bother about having your hair neat and tidy. They also look stylish.

Up until 1996, there was a limited range of baseball caps available. That changed when film director Spike Lee rang a baseball cap manufacturer and asked if they could make one to match his red Yankees jacket. The company obliged, and that is thought to have kick-started the craze for customised baseball caps.

Companies have realised the value of having their own branded caps to give away at events, trade shows, and to their VIP customers. The Flexfit Custom Cap Team can help a business create unique caps.

Caps show a sense of belonging, but at the same time, they help people make an individual statement. Pop stars, film stars, sportspeople and presidents all wear caps that make a statement about who they are.

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