What is a Yupoong dad hat?


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A dad hat is basically a baseball-style hat that does not have a snapback or flat visor, but how much do you know about this stylish piece of headwear?

Who wears Yupoong dad hats?

Perhaps the most famous wearer of the Dad Hat is former president Barack Obama, who was featured wearing one whilst he signed autographs. North West, the five-year-old daughter of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, was seen wearing her dad hat with a $3,500 fur coat.

Dad hats are not new though, with politician Hillary Clinton seen wearing one way back in 1998. Musician Beyoncé also once wore an exclusive Lemonade dad hat.

The great thing about a dad hat is that, despite the connotations of the name, all sorts of people wear them – females, males, young and old and from all walks of life.

How to wear the Yupoong dad hat

There is a trend to wear dad hats that are a little too big for the wearer’s head, but for vigorous exercise, it’s advisable to wear a close-fitting one.

The genius of the dad Hat is that it does not need to be matched with any other clothing, but in the opinion of many, the classic look is to pair it with a crewneck sweatshirt.

A dad hat is normally regarded as leisurewear, but such customs are there to be broken and there is no reason why you can’t wear it with a more formal outfit.

A brief history of the dad hat

Dad hats were born on the sports field and were favoured by baseball players. Then, baseball fans started to wear then printed with the team logo that they supported. Workers then wore them as a practical cap to work in. They came to be known as dad hats because middle-aged men wore them rather than young people.

A few years ago, dad hats started to become trendy among young people and celebrities were seen wearing them in trending social media photos.

Style and practicality

Yupoong Dad hats are stylish looking and available in a selection of classic colours, from dark shades like black, navy and light grey, to the lighter pink, stone and white colours. People who like the military look favour the camo pattern style.

Yupoong dad hats are available in cotton, washed cotton or cotton twill. Stitching can match the hat colour, or contrast stitching provides a different look.

Dad hats can be customised with your brand logo to make them truly unique to your organisation. They can be sold as own label hats or given away as promotional gifts that appeal to all your clients. Contact Yupoong for more details of the custom program.

As well as looking good, these hats are practical, and are made to feel comfortable and provide protection for the head under the sun. Yupoong’s high standard manufacturing processes make sure that dad hats are well made and will last a long time with regular use. All materials used exceed international environmental standards.

For an old-style classic hat that is still fashionable, choose the Yupoong dad hat.

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