What makes Flexfit baseball caps a great investment?


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Flexfit baseball caps are not more expensive to own than cheap hats and have no significant environmental cost.

Cost per wear

You can buy a baseball cap for around £3, €3 or $3, depending on where you live. This seems very cheap, but another way to look at value for money is calculating cost per wear. To do that, write down the number of times you wear the hat each month, then multiply that number by 12 to arrive at the yearly use. Then determine, if you can, the likely number of years that the cap will last.

A £3 baseball cap probably carries that price tag for a reason, such as cheap materials or second-rate stitching. It is likely to last for a year or less, whereas Flexfit baseball caps could last for 10 years or more.

If you buy a cap for $3 and wear it 10 times a month for a year, making a total of 120 wears in its year’s lifetime, the cost per wear comes to approximately 0.025 cents.

If you purchase a Flexfit baseball cap for $15 and wear it 10 times a month for 10 years, you will wear the cap 1,200 times at a much cheaper cost per wear of 0.0125 cents.

Obviously these figures are approximate and you can pay a bit less than $15 for a Flexfit cap or more depending on the style. Your Flexfit cap may last a bit less or a bit more than 10 years, and you could get longer wear out of a cheaper hat, but expect the cost per wear figure to be less for Flexfit baseball caps than with less durable caps that might come at a cheaper initial outlay.

Environment cost

It is easy to compare the cost of owning Flexfit baseball caps with cheaper brands, but there is also the not so visible cost to the environment. Every cap uses energy to manufacture and the materials used in them can impact the planet.

At Flexfit, we are concerned about the environment and climate change. We make sure that all materials used in manufacturing Flexfit baseball hats meet or exceed international environmental standards and our factories do not cause pollution. The new Rescued + Renewed cap range uses materials from rescued plastic bottles.

It’s good to know that Flexfit baseball caps are inexpensive to wear and do not harm the planet.

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