What makes the ‘camo’ cap so popular?

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Yupoong Flexfit Camo hats are loved for both their fashionable looks and their practicality, and with the new Multicam hat launched earlier this year, Flexfit is always looking for new ways to develop this style of headwear.

Camo designs were adopted in World War I as a way of blending into the environment to make it more difficult for the enemy to spot dug in troops. The first time fashion incorporated camouflage was in 1943, when several garments made with camouflage fabrics appeared in Vogue magazine.

Camo became popular in the 1980s when hunters started wearing all types of green, brown and tan wear. Press and TV pictures of the American military campaigns in Grenada and Lebanon probably inspired this emerging trend.

Camouflage designs were popular amongst hip-hop artists and fans in the ‘90s and have remained fashionable since.

Today, Flexfit and other mainstream brands use camo for both practical and fashion purposes. Ironically, people want to be seen in a camo cap, not hide away from the world. The military-style printed fabrics of the hats are loved both by town dwellers and people with an active outdoor life.

At Flexifit, we believe that hats should be both stylish and functional. Flexfit technology means that the camo cap fits well and is comfortable to wear all day. Whether you snowboard, mountain bike, surf or skate, the camo hat is designed to stay on your head.

Flexfit hats come in a range of camo designs, dark and light. Despite being designed to make the military invisible, it speaks loudly about who you are and what your style is.

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