What makes the Yupoong 110 Snapback so many people’s favourite?

Yupoong Snapback

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The Yupoong 110 Snapback is a popular hat that many wearers say is their favourite in the range, so why is that?

Comfort fit

One of the major benefits of the Yupoong 110 Snapback is that its snapback mechanism adjusts the hat to fit any head sizes. There are 10 standard head sizes, and the 110 name means “one size fits all ten head sizes”.

The 110 Snapback may look like other baseball hats, but the comfort fit style makes it extremely comfortable to wear all day long. Inside the crown are bands that stretch to make the hat fit in a way that makes it unlikely to come off when running or exercising.

In a blind test, 95% of hat wearers chose the 110 Snapback as the most comfortable hat out of the many snapback hats they tried on.

Form and function

The Yupoong 110 Snapback is the ideal combination of form and function. Like all baseball hats, it looks stylish, but the technology Yupoong has added to the hat makes it extremely practical. As well as the comfort fit, there are sweatbands to keep the head cool and dry on hot days or during a hectic workout at the gym.

There are several fabrics and styles available to suit any fashion look. Black and grey 110 Snapbacks go with any outfit, while blue and red hats match different looks.

All Flexfit caps are well made with attention to every detail of the manufacturing process to create well-designed caps that are made to last.

Customise the hats

Blank Yupoong/Flexfit 110 Snapbacks are stylish and many people like them that way. Others like a more personalised and distinctive hat. 110 Snapbacks can be customised with graphics or text printed or embroidered on the crown. Organisations love them as promotional clothing that raises brand awareness with a logo embroidered on them. Fashion designers add sequins, stitched designs and accessories to 110 Snapbacks to turn them into designer wear.

At Flexfit, we appreciate creativity and love the way many of our cap wearers have personalised their 110 Snapbacks. Our Custom Design Program helps turn your design ideas into finished hats. Our business clients like the Flexfit 110 Snapback as they know that they only need to order one size and it will fit all the people they give or sell their custom caps to.

For further information about custom caps, talk to one of our team.

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