What’s different about the Flexfit Trucker hat?


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The Flexfit Trucker hat is different to most baseball hats because of its foam front panel and mesh back panels.

A brief history

Trucker hats used to be free promotional itema given away in America by agricultural produce manufacturers to farm workers, and by oil companies to truck drivers. They were cheap to make and were freely given away to promote brands. They soon became popular with a wider demographic than rural workers and truck drivers.

For many years, trucker caps were associated with the working class in America, but as skateboards became popular, skateboarders were looking for distinctive clothes to wear. The started wearing baggy pants and large T-shirts with trucker hats. To make the hats more distinctive, they replaced the seed company and oil company logos with designs more relevant to their cool image.

Film directors, celebrities and hip-hop artists then started wearing trucker hats to complete the migration from workers hat to fashionable hats, from hats your dad wore, to ones that millennials love.

What makes them different?

The two distinguishing features of the trucker hats are the foam front panels and the mesh back panels that allow perspiration to evaporate. They are ideal hats for working in, and for wearing when playing sports or jogging. The snapback closure adjusts the cap to fit all head sizes.

The Trucker cap feels comfortable to wear all day and is available in a range of classic colours. Many wearers have a selection of Trucker hats in different colours to match a variety of outfits.

At Flexfit, we only use quality components in our hats. Our Truckers, while not rock-bottom cheap like they were in the ‘50s, represent great value for money for such well-made hats.

Customising Flexfit Trucker hats

A blank Flexfit Trucker hat looks stylish, but to make your hat look more individual, wear customised Trucker hats. Images can be added to the front panel, the sides or even on the back. Almost any image can be printed or embroidered on trucker hats to make them distinctive.

There are printing companies that will add an original design to a single Flexfit Trucker hat. Organisations that want their own hats benefit from the Flexfit Custom Design Programme, which makes customised Flexfit Trucker hats to order.

At Flexfit we continue the tradition of making premium quality Trucker hats you can wear while working, playing or simply relaxing.

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