What’s special about the Yupoong Delta cap?


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The baseball cap has been around for decades and is a classic fashion item, but Yupoong’s Flexfit Delta 180 cap really brings the style into a new era.


Most baseball caps have between five and eight panels that make up the crown of the hat. The Delta cap has panels, but they are not sewn conventionally, but rather fixed without stitching. From afar, the cap appears to be seamless and without panels until the hat is seen close up, when the panels create a smooth look.


Innovation is not confined to the fixing of the panels. The Delta hat is also ideal for hot weather.

The three-layer sweatband absorbs sweat and prevents stain and odours. The material in the Delta cap is water resistant. The visor is designed to stay in shape under all conditions.


The Delta hat has a lightweight look when compared to other baseball style caps . Its distinctive style makes it stand out from the crowd. It is a hat for people who appreciate luxury style and premium quality, and is available in number of classic colours to suit all tastes.

The Delta is made from material containing 92% Polyester and 8% Spandex, which is strong and practical. This fabric is stretchable for a comfortable and secure fit. It is available in two sizes to fit small to large heads.

The cap has the Yupoong Delta logo patch on the visor.

Custom Delta hats

A business or organisation can customise Flexfit Delta hats with their own brand by printing a logo or slogan on the visor or crown. The Yupoong custom program team is here to help organisations create their own unique hats.

Custom Flexfit Delta 180 hats can be given away as promotional gifts or sold as own-label fashion hats.

Businesses like to partner with Yupoong as they share our philosophy of making premium quality products with materials that do not harm the environment. Yupoong factories combat pollution and have strict quality systems to make sure that the hats are well made and built to last a long time.

Who buys Delta caps?

People who appreciate fine-quality clothes buy Delta hats. They want a baseball hat that has been bought up to date to look more modern than the classic baseball hat.

Flexfit Delta wearers are not defined by their age, sex or social class, but rather are united by their love of the practical combined with stylish looks. They want the Flexfit Delta Carbon cap because it can be worn everywhere – in the wilderness, in busy city streets, while taking part in extreme sports or simply while relaxing indoors. Delta hats can be worn with jeans and T-shirt or can from part of a smart casual look, but there is no law that stops them being worn with a suit or formal dress.

If you would like to order a number of Yupoong Flexfit Delta hats to resell, or want to customise your Delta hats, contact Yupoong to discuss how you can partner with us.

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