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A wide range of people wear baseball style hats. If there is one common denominator for why people choose Flexfit hats, it’s that wearers appreciate the quality and technology we incorporate into our hats. Flexfit has many hat styles, fabrics and colours to choose from, which makes it easy to find a style for each individual.

Flexfit has been making headwear for over 40 years, and over that time we have gained a reputation for making stylish looking and practical hats for a wide range of people.

There is a myth that baseball hats are only worn by young and fashion-conscious people, but this is not true. There are many types of people that wear baseball hats, and some of them might surprise you:

The police

There are three police forces in the UK that wear baseball style hats when they are on patrol. The caps are padded to protect their heads and are also considerably cheaper than standard police hats. The hats are black to match their uniform and have the police black and white chequered pattern on the sides. The front of the crown has the word ‘POLICE’ in white block capital letters.

The Chief Inspector of Northampton Police, Tom Thompson said:

“Officers weren’t wearing the old head gear so it wasn’t protecting them. The idea is that while we should be wearing this head gear officers should vote with their feet or with their heads and they’ll be more likely to wear these hats when they’re leaving vehicles, in pursuit of people, arresting people. If they’ve got it on it’ll protect them.”

Old people

A survey of 1,000 people about attitudes to fashion found that most people believed that baseball hats should not be worn by people over the age of 32, and they should not be worn back to front by people over 25.

Why shouldn’t they, though. This opinion has not stopped many older people wearing baseball hats. One of the best-selling caps has an image of actor John Wayne accompanied by the words ‘Old Guys Rule’.


Originally baseball hats were worn by male baseball players. They then were worn by truckers and farmers – two very male-dominated industries.

In the 1990s the hip-hop community adopted baseball hats as part of their uniform. Soon afterwards, women began to sport them. The baseball hat, like the T-shirt, is now a unisex clothing item worn by both men and women. Female celebrities including singers Rihanna and Beyoncé are regularly pictured wearing theirs.

Suit wearers

Many people regard Flexfit hats as casual wear, but some people choose to wear theirs with a suit. The Flexfit Delta hat with its smooth, lighter look is particularly suitable for wearing with a suit. Flexfit wool blend hats are also good with both men and women’s formalwear.

For everyone

The great thing about Flexfit hats is that they can be worn by anyone, anywhere. At Flexfit, we do not support the fashion police who dictate when and who should wear our hats. From trendy young celebrities to elderly ordinary folk, Flexfit hats are worn by everyone.

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