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Flexfit caps can offer hundreds of styles of caps in different fabrics, shapes, sizes, colours, and closures to suit your needs exactly. Getting wholesale caps for your organisation will mean you can showcase your brand’s logo or custom design on a high-quality cap that is comfortable and can be worn again and again throughout a range of events. Also, purchasing your caps wholesale will save you money as you can buy more products at impressive value compared to buying a smaller amount separately. We can provide wholesale caps both domestically and overseas so there are no limitations when you buy from us at Flexfit.

Our blank caps

Being able to personalise your headwear and make it unique to your organisation is extremely important when you buy wholesale caps. That is why our blank program offers a vast range of caps in different designs, fabrics, shapes, etc. When you buy from Flexfit you will get a blank canvas so to speak that will allow you to make the caps your own without having to make do with a universal, poor quality product that will quickly fall apart or is not comfortable to wear for your employees. Your choice of caps can adapt to suit each person wearing it whether you need multiple sizes, material preferences, style of closure and more, all of your requirements will be met to ensure you’re happy with the caps you receive.

Our services

Our wholesale caps are sold internationally, so you can access our high-quality caps no matter where your company is based. We recommend our custom domestic service to those who need a shorter lead time and smaller minimums. For bulk production you should expect arrival of your wholesale caps 3-4 weeks upon sample approval. Our impressive craftsmanship and attention to detail as well as a fast and efficient service will bring your ideas and vision to life. The program will give you a wide selection of caps to choose from with multiple decoration techniques and styles to create a product that is truly unique to your company’s identity.

Whether you’re buying domestically or internationally you might have very specific ideas on how you want your wholesale caps to look. That’s not a problem for us as there is no custom design that we can’t create. We are passionate about and committed to bringing our clients bespoke designs that accurately reflect their organisation whilst providing a modern and contemporary look and feel.

With longer lead times and higher minimums, our international overseas program offers a wide range of customisation options. For bulk production you should expect arrival of your wholesale caps 8-12 weeks upon sample approval. In terms of price, both domestic and international orders will be quoted based on the desired design.

If you’re looking to create a one-of-a-kind product for your organisation, order your bespoke design wholesale caps today from Flexfit. Your caps will not only be designed exactly to your specifications but will also give you the breathable comfort and quality our products are synonymous with. Start your enquiry now.

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