Why businesses love Yupoong Custom Caps


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Businesses love Yupoong Custom Caps because they make ideal promotional products.

The value of promotional products

Research has shown the value of promotional products in improving brand awareness and encouraging customers to purchase. If someone finds a promotional gift useful they are likely to use it regularly. A survey found that 85% of people who valued a promotional product they had been given went on to purchase something from the company that gave it to them.

Why Yupoong Custom Caps?

There are many choices of promotional products. Ideally they need to be something useful, so pens, notepads and bags are obvious choices. Clothes are popular, but the problem is to find ones that appeal to a wide variety of customers. Also, some clothing that is fashionable today may go out of style tomorrow.

T-shirts are a good choice because are a timeless fashion item. The problem with T-shirts is that a business needs to order several different sizes.

The advantage of Yupoong Custom Caps is that a business can order one-size-fits-all caps that adjust to fit small to large heads.

Businesses want to associate their brand with quality. Yupoong Custom Caps are premium quality to reflect the values of the brands that use them.

Yupoong has a great custom design team that can help with the practicalities of branding the caps. They can assist with the image files and advise on options such as printing or embroidering. Yupoong Custom Caps are unique to every business.

Distributing Yupoong Custom Caps

Promotional products are usually given away as an effective marketing tool. Yupoong caps can be sold as own label caps. If you have a high profile brand, people will be willing to pay for your branded caps.

For companies that sell low-value products to a mass market, it may be too expensive to give caps to every customer. In this case, caps can be used as competition prizes or rewards for loyal customers. A cap can be given as a bonus item, an incentive to encourage people to buy bulk cases of products. They can also be given as rewards in a customer loyalty scheme.

If a business or organisation has a campaign for causes such as environmental issues, a cap with a slogan can raise awareness of the campaign. A high-profile example is President Trump, who used the slogan “Make America Great Again” as part of his presidential campaign and produced baseball caps with the slogan to promote his message.

Yupoong custom caps are versatile and can be used for a number of purposes. It does not cost a lot to test out the impact of Yupoong custom caps. Minimum orders are small and only one size is needed. Turnaround time from the initial design stage to delivery of the finished caps is short. If a business is pleased with how their caps are received, it will likely be eager to place a larger order when they start to run out of caps.

To find out more about the Yupoong Custom Caps program, talk to one of our team.

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