Why businesses love Yupoong Snapbacks

Yupoong Snapbacks

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There are three main reasons that businesses love Yupoong Snapbacks: their size, style and quality. This is why they like to customise Yupoong Snapbacks with their brand identity.

1. One size fits all

The Snapback gets its name from the strap at the rear of the cap that adjusts the hat to fit all head sizes. The Flexfit 110 Snapback is called that because one hat fits all ten head sizes. This means that when a business gives someone a custom 110 Snapback, they don’t have to worry about the cap fitting. It also saves money because there is no need to order a large number of caps in various sizes.

No matter how small or large someone’s head is, the Yupoong Snapback cap will fit in a way that it feels comfortable to wear all day.

2. Looks stylish

Yupoong Snapbacks are very practical. They protect the head and face from the effects of harsh sunlight. They have sweatbands that prevent a buildup of moisture and odour, and fit well, so will not fall off when playing sport or exercising.

However, if the cap were only practical and did not also look good, not many people would wear them. The great thing about Yupoong Snapbacks is that they are the ideal combination of practicality and style. If your company has a well-designed logo that people like, it will increase the cap’s good looks.

People love wearing their Snapback caps and are happy to become ”walking ambassadors” for your brand, which is noticed each time they walk by wearing their branded Snapbacks.

3. Premium quality

Unlike some cheaper brands of baseball caps, Yupoong Snapbacks are made from quality components. People love the premium manufacturing that makes Yupoong Snapbacks very durable.

Businesses want to associate their brands with quality, which is why they appreciate Yupoong’s commitment to making only premium headwear. They also like the fact that Yupoong quality does not come at the expense of the environment – all materials and manufacturing processes are designed to have the minimum impact possible.

A business that partners with Yupoong knows that it is buying quality hats that reflects well on their company.

Join the Yupoong Custom Design program

If your business would like to join the many high-profile brands that use the Yupoong Custom Design Program, talk to a member of our team, who will explain about selecting the colour and style options, and creating graphics files suitable for printing or embroidering on the caps. Minimum orders of Snapbacks are low. You only need to order one size, so you can test out reactions to you caps before committing to large quantities.

After the Yupoong Snapbacks have been delivered, you can either give them away as promotional products or sell them as your own branded line of caps. Your customers and business contacts will love them, and they can also be worn by your staff to promote your business.

Speak to us today to discover how Yupoong Snapbacks can benefit your organisation.

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