Why do golfers wear Flexfit custom hats?


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When you watch a professional golf tournament, you will see many golfers wearing baseball-style caps. Why do so many of them wear Flexfit custom caps?


The main reason that golfers wear custom caps is sponsorship. Sponsors pay money for them to wear a hat with the sponsor’s logo on it.

Golf is one of the few sports where players can wear baseball hats when playing. Baseball players can obviously wear them, but footballers (aside from goalkeepers), athletes and rugby players cannot wear them when competing. Sportspeople are often seen wearing baseball caps off the pitch. F1 drivers wear helmets when driving, and baseball caps when being interviewed pre- or post-race.


Golfers also wear baseball caps because they are practical. They protect the head from harsh sunlight and the visor keeps the face in shade. On dull days, golfers still wear their baseball caps and this is because they have a contract with a sponsor to wear them.

The first time golfers were paid to wear hats was when an enterprising electrical appliance maker Amana paid $50 for any PGA Tour player who wore their branded caps during a four-day tournament. Nowadays, companies like Nike, Titleist and Ping pay an average of $75,000 a year to golfers to wear their branded caps. Top golfers are paid considerably more, with Nike believed to be paying Tiger Woods many millions a year in sponsor fees.

Sponsors do not pay out large sums of money simply because they love the game of golf. They know that a televised golf tournament will be seen by millions of people who will notice the brand logo on golfers’ caps. Brand exposure can last the whole of the golf round. This is a very effective form of advertising and is value for money when compared to the cost of a 30-second television advert.

Amateur players and golf lovers

Amateurs are not generally paid to wear Flexfit custom hats. They wear hats with brands they support or with the badge of their local golf club.

Fans of golf often like to emulate the players they follow by wearing the same branded cap as them. Flexfit custom hats with the logo of the company that sponsors a professional golfer is worn as a mark of support.

Here at Flexfit, we supply branded custom hats worn by players and followers of all types of sports.

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