Why Flexfit baseball caps have been so popular for over four decades


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Yupoong has been making Flexfit baseball caps since the 1970s. They have always been driven by innovation, quality, and top class customer service. They have taken the classic baseball cap and reinvented it for the 21st Century with cutting-edge technology and elegant style.


Many Flexfit wearers are attracted to the technology that is incorporated into Flexfit baseball caps. Permacurve means that visors keep their shape no matter how often they are adjusted. Baseball caps are often worn in hot conditions or when working up a sweat on workouts. Sweatbands and breathable fabrics keep the head cool and dry in the heat.

All hats are made to strict production standards so that they are durable and without flaws.


At Flexfit, our philosophy is to develop practical technology for our caps but without compromising the looks of every style. Many wearers are first drawn to how Flexfit baseball caps look, before they are aware of the technology in them.

Caps are available in a range of fabrics including premium wool blend. Although the caps are based on the traditional baseball style, Flexfit has added modern touches to bring them up to date. A good example of this is the Flexfit Delta which has a seamless look, with no visible panel stitches. This creates the lighter and sleeker look that makes these caps so distinctive.

Caps are available in a wide range of colours and camo patterns to suit all tastes. The crown and visor can be the same colour or two tone caps have contrasting colours.

The Flexfit Custom Design Programme gives organisations the opportunity to design their own custom caps with unique logos, images and slogans.

The environment

Another reason why Flexfit baseball caps are so popular is because of Flexfit’s commitment to environmental issues. Young people are especially concerned about climate change and other environmental issues. They don’t want to purchase goods that harm the planet.

The new Flexfit Rescue + Renewed range is made from rescued and recycled plastic bottles. The materials and components of all Flexfit caps conform to or exceed international environmental standards, and the factories where the caps are made operate environmental policies.

At Flexfit, we want everyone to enjoy the combination of style and practicality that is built into all our Flexfit baseball caps. We have a high reputation to maintain that has lasted over 40 years.

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