Why nobody is too old to wear Yupoong camo caps


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Yupoong camo hats have the traditional camouflage pattern worn by soldiers and hunters. They have an image of appealing to young outdoor loving wearers. Some people have suggested that Yupoong camo caps should not be worn by older people, but is this true?

What’s the case against old people wearing camo?

Adrian Clarke, writing in the Guardian newspaper, said that when he reached the age of 50, he threw away his camo clothing as he did not think that camo patterns were appropriate for his age. He writes that at the age of 50:

“Wardrobe staples that have a military heritage, anything in camouflage print needs to bow out gracefully.”

He also advises men over 50 not to buy any clothing prefixed with the word dad, so to Clarke, Yupoong dad hats would be off the lift.

Clarke has been a fashion editor for over three decades, so speaks from some fashion knowledge, but his views are not shared by many.

The case for wearing camo hats at any age

The staff writers of the style website Sharp say:

“Camouflage is still around, still relevant, and that’s not changing any time soon.”

According to beauty blogger Catherine Urbanski, camo is a fashion trend that should be embraced by the elderly. She writes:

“This mixture of olive green, brown and gray is rising to the top of the new normal in clothing.”

She remembers wearing camouflage in the 1960s but still wears it today. She recognises that the image of camo is associated with millennials but states that mature women should not be deterred from the style.

She says that older people can take risks in clothing because they are less self-conscious than people in their twenties and thirties, and since whatever a people wears is all about confidence, there is no reason why an older person can’t look and feel good in camo.

You don’t have to wear a full camo outfit, of course. You can start small by wearing a Yupoong camo hat with plainer clothes. If you want a bolder look, also wear a camo T-shirt or trousers.

Alessandro Manfredini is nearly 50 and has a large following on Instagram and Facebook by people who love his silver beard and sense of style. He is a graphic artist and sculpture who is a follower of fashion. In many of his Instagram photos, he is seen wearing camo pattern clothes, suggesting he is definitely not likely to follow Clarke’s example of throwing them away in a few years’ time.

Why Yupoong camo hats?

At Yupoong/Flexfit, we do not believe in any rules that the fashion police might want to impose on the population. If you like how you look in a Yupoong camo cap, then it doesn’t matter what age you are. You can take to the woodlands in your Yupoong camo hat, or wear it in the city.

Whether you are five or fifty, male or female, proudly wear your Yupoong camo hat.

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