Why people who love to skate wear Flexfit caps


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For those who love skateboarding, it’s more than a hobby – they adopt a lifestyle that includes what they wear. Many skate lovers would not get on a board without wearing their Flexfit dad hat.

Skaters’ style

Of course, you can wear what you want when skating, but there’s no doubt that a certain look and style of clothing has become associated with the pastime.

Skaters enjoy wearing casual clothes like T-shirts and jeans. The rough or ragged look is popular and some skaters prefer tight jeans to baggy trousers. Skaters can buy their clothes from large clothing retailers, but usually prefer to go to a specialist skateboard shop that stocks the latest trends in skatewear. Many prefer clothes with brand logos on them – often those associated with the makers of top quality skateboards.

Skaters can wear plain Flexfit dad hats, or might prefer custom ones with a brand message.

Style and practicality

Clothes for skaters need to be suitable for the vigorous skateboard tricks, which require free movement of the body. Clothing needs to be loose fitting. It’s easy to work up a sweat when skateboarding, especially on warm days, so fabrics need to be breathable. Flexfit caps have sweatbands that keep moisture away from the face and keep the head cool and dry.

Flexfit dad hats are designed to stay on the head during high-speed skating manoeuvres. They fit firmly but comfortably.

The glare from the sun can make it difficult to see. When moving at high speeds, it’s important to know what is in front of you. The prominent visor on the Flexfit dad hat provides shade that makes it easier to see where you are going.

The ideal clothing for skaters looks stylish and is very practical. Skaters want to look good when they are not skating, and have functional clothing when they are. Flexfit dad hats are the ideal combination of style and practicality.

Skaters with long hair can tuck it out of the way by putting their hair through the gap above the backstrap of the Flexfit dad hat.

Buying Flexfit caps

Flexfit dad hats are available at leading clothing retailers and sportswear stockists, or here on our website. If you or your business wants their own Flexfit custom skate hats, the Flexfit Custom Design Programme will produce them for you.

At Flexfit, we care about how skaters look, and can provide the great-looking and practical caps they want to wear.

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