Why you should join the Yupoong Hats Wholesale Program


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The Yupoong Hats Wholesale Program is for any business that wants to associate their brand with a quality product that their customers will love.

Customising hats

A business can order any of the Flexfit range of hats to resell, but many businesses prefer to brand caps with their own identity. A company logo or slogan can be printed or embroidered on the caps. The caps can be used to promote a business or sold as own label fashion caps.

There are various trims, accessories, fabrics and colours available that, combined with a stunning graphic design embroidered on the caps, make them unique.

The high values of brands and hats

Companies have brand guidelines that are designed to uphold their brand values. Yupoong caps reflect high brand values.

Brands like to be regarded as premium quality, so any items associated with them need to reflect that. Yupoong caps are premium quality headwear that is thoroughly inspected during the manufacturing process so that they have no defects.

Another value that brands need is style. Yupoong hats are stylish looking, fashion items that have almost universal appeal.

Modern companies have ethical standards and are concerned with green issues. Yupoong hats are made from materials that do not harm the planet and produced in factories that respect the environment by striving to have little or no negative impact on the environment.

Most companies, even long-established traditional ones, like to keep up with the latest technology. Yupoong hats are based on the old-fashioned baseball style, but they have been modernised through technology. An example of this is Permacurve, a technology that solves the problem of cap visors easily going out of shape. A Yupoong curved or straight visor will keep its shape even when the cap is roughly handled.

Dealing with Yupoong Wholesale is easy

A reason why business appreciates the Yupoong Hats Wholesale hat program is how easy it is. The designers at the Yupoong Custom program help create stunning designs for custom caps. These can be printed or embroidered on the visors, the crown or both. The designers talk clients through all the available style option.

The Flexfit 110 cap and other models are adjustable for every head size. This one-size-fits-all feature means that businesses do not have to worry about what cap sizes to order.

After designing the graphics for custom caps, a quote for the finished product takes little time. Prices are reasonable to make sure that, if the caps are sold, a good profit can be made. Minimum orders are small and sample caps will be delivered quickly. After the sample has been approved, the caps are manufactured within a few weeks.

Yupoong has a team of professionals based in Europe, Middle East, Russia and India who make sure that your experience with the Yupoong Hat Wholesale program goes smoothly.

If you would like your own range of Yupoong caps, contact a member of the Yupoong team to discuss the many ways we can help raise awareness of your brand.

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