Why Yupoong 110 caps make great promotional products

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Businesses need to promote their brand on many channels, including social media, TV, leaflets and press advertising. The problem with many of these media is that they can be very expensive and it is difficult to make a lot of impact – especially when there are lots of competitors using the same media. This is where headwear, and particularly Yupoong’s Flexfit 110 cap, comes into its own.

If promotional products are useful, people will tend to keep them for a long time. Every time they are used, customers and potential customers are reminded of your brand. Headwear makes for great promotional products as it is seen by other people apart from the wearer. Baseball caps, unlike many clothing items, are worn by all types of people – men, women, young and old. A logo prominently displayed on a baseball cap is seen from a distance and helps a company spread its wings.

The great thing about Yupoong 110 caps is that they are a one-size-fits-all item that adjusts to fit all head sizes, so you know that when you give someone a 110, it will fit them.

Organisations want to associate themselves with ethical companies that produce quality products. Yupoong has a reputation for making premium quality headwear using materials and manufacturing processes that respect the environment.

Yupoong 110 hats branded with your logo can be given away or sold to promote your business or organisation. Our custom design team will help you create your Yupoong customised 110 hats.

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