Have women made the baseball cap their own?

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The origins of the cap lay with early all-male baseball teams who used them to keep the sun out of their eyes while playing the sport, but a flick through fashion magazines, or even a walk down the street, will quickly reveal that the cap is no longer a single-sex item.

In particular, the dad hat, with its oversized and loosely fitted look, has become a staple of many women’s wardrobes, often sported by fashion icons like Kendall Jenner, Rihanna and Cara Delevingne. Notable for their distinctive curved peak like the one you would see on the Flexfit Delta cap, these hats come in a range of colours and styles and can be selected to match almost any clothing.

The popularity of the dad hat among young women has been associated with the ‘anti-trend’ movement by some fashion observers. Rather than choosing accessories typical of their gender and age group, fashion-conscious females in their teens and twenties are subverting the norm by choosing a style of hat more associated with older men, yet still pulling off the look by combining it with a modern feminine outfit.

Statistics still suggest that the cap-wearing sector is dominated by men and boys, but the ongoing emergence of the baseball cap as a female fashion accessory shows the diversity and flexibility of headwear, and how it is constantly evolving in sync with style trends. Today, the baseball cap can be seen as unisex – perhaps more so than any other item of clothing.

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