Your Flexfit Trucker Hat tells the world about what you support

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Trucker hats are ideal for customising with a message or images that tells the world about your mindset and beliefs.

Jay-Z’s trucker hat

Rapper Jay-Z has been photographed wearing a trucker hat with the words Ballroom Mafia in white letters on a black background. Ballroom Mafia is a non-profit organisation based in Marfa, Texas that that uses visual arts, performance and music to explore contemporary issues. His hat shows Jay-Z’s support of the arts.

Jay-Z and his musician wife Beyoncé own a large collection of art and have helped raise the profile of artists such as Awol Erizku, who photographed the iconic pregnancy images of Beyoncé that were popular all over the world.

It’s about the message, not the cost

When people wear Flexfit trucker hats with words or images that promote a cause, unlike many fashion headwear, it’s not about the high cost of fashion. Jay-Z can easily afford to wear clothes costing thousands of dollars, but he wears a trucker hat that probably cost around $15. He wears his trucker cap to promote a cause, not show off his wealth.

The popularity of trucker hats

Trucker hats are based on the iconic baseball hat style that has been around for decades. Unlike many fashion trends, trucker hats have not gone out of style. Jay-Z and Beyoncé wear baseball hats without losing fashion credibility. Kanye West takes a different political stance by sometimes sporting a “Make America Great Again” red hat. You can be liberal-minded or conservative and still look good in a trucker hat.

Creating your own custom trucker hats

If you are involved in a charity or a not-for-profit organisation, it does not cost a lot to have your own range of custom Flexfit trucker hats. You need a simple slogan or logo which can be printed or embroidered on the hats. You don’t have to order large quantities to try out the hats.

The cost per hat is low so that you can sell the hats at a good profit to raise money for your cause. As well as raising money, Flexfit custom hats are a way to promote the work your organisation is involved in.

At Flexfit, we create trucker hats that promote any brand or message. Not-for-profit organizations as well as for-profit businesses can benefit from their own line of Flexfit trucker hats.

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