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There are many questions we get asked about Yupoong Dad Hats, and they usually start by asking what they are and how they got their name.

What is a dad hat?

A dad hat is a panelled baseball style cap with a curved visor and a closure at the back to adjust it to fit the head size.

Why is it called a dad hat?

As the name implies, dad hats were named because they used to be mainly worn by middle-aged dads.

What changed?

Perhaps no one really knows why, but for whatever reason, people into hip-hop in the 1990s began to wear dad hats. They became part of the hip-hop uniform worn by both hip-hop artists and fans.

Now their popularity has spread far beyond hip-hop. Trendy celebrities including musicians Drake, Kanye West and Rihanna have been spotted and photographed wearing dad hats.

Beyoncé, for example, has her own customised Lemonade hat.

Why choose Yupoong Dad hats?

There are many manufacturers making dad-style hats, but like all clothing items, they are not all good quality.

Yupoong wearers trust the brand because of our reputation for making premium quality headwear. They also appreciate Yupoong’s policies of using materials that are environmentally friendly and production processes that do not pollute the planet.

What style options are available in the dad hat range?

Yupoong Dad Hats are made from cotton fabric in a number of colours, finishes and patterns. There are plain cotton hats, twill ones and washed cotton styles. Yupoong has a range of classic colours and camo patterns.

You will be sure to find a dad hat that suits your style. Yupoong Dad Hats are available in two sizes to fit small to large heads.

Businesses and organisations can customise their own dad hats to promote their brand or event.

When do I wear dad hats?

The short answer to the question of when to wear dad hats is anytime at all. Some wearers put theirs on first thing in the morning and take them off last thing at night. The only thing we don’t recommend is to sleep in them!

Dad hats are extremely comfortable to wear, which is why some people rarely take them off, regardless of whether they are indoors or outdoors.

Where can I wear a dad hat?

There is another short answer to this question – anywhere.

Wilderness lovers wear them when tracking, sportspeople wear them playing, urban dwellers walk down the street in theirs, and sun lovers use them to keep their head cool and dry.

Dad hats are usually associated with casual wear, but unconventional people have been known to wear theirs with a formal suit. Catwalk models have worn dad hats modified by high-profile fashion designers.

Can I wear a dad hat?

Dad hats have long ago lost their association with middle-aged dads. Nowadays, all types of people wear them – men or women, rich or poor, unknown or famous. This means that whoever you are, a Yupoong Dad Hat will suit you.

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