Yupoong Camo cap brings classic design to a modern age

Yupoong Camo cap brings cla

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Baseball type hats and camouflage fabrics have been around for a long time. The Yupoong Flexfit Camo cap combines these two classics design elements but brings them right up to date with modern technology. Camo hats combine contemporary quality with classic styling.

Camo styles

Camouflage was originally invented by the military to protect soldiers and equipment from observation by enemy forces. Yupoong Camo caps have the opposite effect. Instead of wearers wanting to blend into the background, they want to be noticed in their stylish headwear.

Yupoong Camo hats are available in a number of patterns and styles including retro green military style camo, the lighter Mossy Oak camo, True Timber, Multi Cam and Garment Washed camo.

Caps are made from a cotton blend, spandex or wool blend fabric. They come in low- and high-profile designs. Visors are straight or curved and are covered in camo fabric, or a plain colour for a two-tone effect.

Quality and practicality

Camo hats are quality caps made from panels that are stitched together with strong thread.

The hats look fashionable but are practical to wear outdoors, protecting the wearer from harsh sunlight, winds and cold. They adjust to various head sizes and are designed to fit comfortably when hiking or running outdoors. They will stay on the head when performing vigorous exercise, and the caps look equally great whether worn in the wilderness or the city streets.

Camo hats are designed to be worn by fashion-conscious people who want to look good. They are for those who want practical headwear that feels comfortable and has the latest in cap technology.

Why Yupoong?

Yupoong has been making Flexfit hats for over 40 years and are one of the world’s largest manufacturers of premium baseball-style headwear.

Yupoong operates a zero-defect manufacturing system to make sure that all hats are manufactured to the highest standards. The South Korean manufacturer invests large amounts into research and development to produce innovative technologies that are incorporated in our hats. These include breathable fabrics and materials that protect the wearer from harsh sunlight, wind and wet weather. Caps are designed to last for a long time and feel comfortable when worn all day.

Strict environmental policies mean we use sustainable material and manufacturing process that do not harm the planet. More about this can be read here.

Branded Camo caps

Yupoong Camo caps can be branded with your company details. Your company name or logo can be printed or embroidered onto the cap panels or visor. For a fashion statement, a leather patch with your company logo can be stitched on a Camo cap.

Branded Camo hats are suitable as gifts to thank clients, or can be sold. Why not talk to the Flexfit design service about making your Yupoong Camo cap unique?

Where to buy a Yupoong Camo cap

At Flexfit, we believe in the excellence of our headwear and want as many people as possible to try one on. You can find Yupoong Camo hats at major retailers, or speak to us to find the perfect one for you.

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