Yupoong custom caps reach more potential customers

The Flexibility of Yupoong Custom Caps

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A very effective way for a business to reach more potential customers is through Yupoong custom caps. Those displaying a brand logo are a low-cost way to drive more customers to the business.

Some facts and figures

Research published by the website Sageworld.com revealed the value of promotional products like custom caps:

• 80% of consumers own at least one promotional product
• 60% of people with promotional products keep them for up to two years
• 85% of people who receive a gift of a promotional product do business with the brand
• 89% of people, when asked, remember the name of the brand after owning a promotional gift
• 63% of consumers don’t throw away their promotional gift when not needed, choosing to give it away instead

Why Yupoong custom caps?

There are many forms of promotional gifts, from inexpensive pens and notepads to mugs, memory sticks and mouse mats. The advantage of Yupoong custom caps is that they are very visible. A typical Yupoong cap wearer wears their hat several times a week, often every day. Each time they are seen wearing their custom caps, the brand gets noticed by other people. A Yupoong custom cap wearer is walking billboard who advertises the brand.

For small to large businesses

Yupoong custom caps are suitable for small, medium and large businesses. For a small business, the investment in purchasing an initial order of custom caps is small. If a brand already has loyal fans, they may be happy to purchase the caps. The cost of buying custom hats is recouped, and a profit made.

All Yupoong caps are well made and will last a long time. A pen or notepad may be cheaper than Yupoong caps, but pens run out of ink and notepads run out of sheets. A Yupoong cap advertises a brand for years.

Brand recognition

All brands need greater exposure. Brand recognition is about repetition, the more times someone sees a brand image, the more likely they are to remember it. If people remember a brand, they tend to make a purchase.

Many forms of advertising are not very effective. People tend to natter while TV adverts are on, leave the room, or fast forward them if they have recorded the programme. YouTube adverts are often skipped after a few seconds, and email marketing messages quickly go into the trash folder.

At Yupoong, we know that people love wearing our custom caps and wear them to effectively advertise a brand.

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