Yupoong Delta hats – designed to be kept


There is a growing concern about the amount of clothing that is thrown away. Thankfully, Yupoong Delta hats are made to last a long time and should be kept, not disposed of.

Many items of clothing are not well made and quickly end up in the bin, often thrown away after a few weeks or when they become dirty. Even well-made clothes get discarded by some people after wearing them a few times. There is an attitude among some people that clothing is disposable.

The Flexfit Delta cap is a top-of-the-range item designed to last. These caps are light, strong and practical. Yupoong antibacterial and heat regulating technology make the Delta ideal for wearing in hot conditions. Whether playing sport or walking down the road, the Delta keeps the head cool and dry.

Wearers get attached to their Yupoong Delta caps, often wearing them every day. The Yupoong Delta cap is therefore the opposite of a disposable cap, as wearers don’t want to be without theirs. Even when worn every day, the Delta hat is designed to last a long time.

The only reason some people have for buying a new Yupoong cap is for a change of colour or design. In this case, instead of throwing away the cap, pass it on to someone else who appreciates the Delta style, or keep it in a cupboard or wardrobe so that you can wear it if your favourite is in the wash.

At Yupoong, we make baseball-style hats from premium quality materials so that they stay around for a long time.

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