Yupoong Delta – the evolution of the baseball hat


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A top-of-the-range cap, the Yupoong Delta really is the baseball cap evolved.

The big bang

Evolution may have started with the Big Bang, but the evolution of the baseball hat’s own big bang came with baseball teams wearing them in the 1860s. Between 1910 and 1930, they became popular among fans of the sport when heroes like Babe Ruth were seen wearing them.

The baseball caps worn in the early to mid-twentieth century were similar to the caps we buy today, with their panel sections, top button and wide peak.

In the 1960s, companies gave US truck drivers what became known as trucker hats. These have the distinctive mesh side panels that are designed to keep the head warm. Seed companies and farm equipment manufacturers then had their own branded trucker hats, which they gave to farm workers. Today, the Flexfit trucker hat remains one of our most popular hat styles.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, the baseball hat became more popular and was worn way outside of the circles of truck drivers, farm workers and sportspeople. They became a fashion item seen on hip-hop artists who favoured the dad-style hats. These were a traditional style but bought up to date with trending logos.

Towards the beginning of the 21st Century, baseball hats crossed over to be mainstream fashion and almost a symbol of the USA. Nowadays, baseball hats are worn by all types of people – young, old, males, female – from across many cultures. Traditional styles like the dad, trucker and Snapback remain popular. To distinguish one person’s style from another’s is mainly done through customising caps with logos and slogans.

The next step

The next step in the evolution of the baseball cap is Yupoong’s Flexfit Delta. This takes the panel construction but makes it sleeker and lighter looking, with the use of seamless-look technology that binds the panels without stitching. The panels are bonded with special tape that is antibacterial and stain resistant.

The sweatband in the Delta prevents the build-up of moisture and odours.

The Flexfit Delta is a premium quality headwear item that has a fresh look and is popular among sportspeople and lovers of the outdoors. It is available in classic white, black, grey, or red.

Flexfit Delta caps are ideal for companies that want to create their own branded high-end caps to either sell or give away as promotional products. Custom Flexfit Delta Carbon caps are for organisations that care for quality and want caps that represent the leading edge development of the baseball cap.

Baseball caps are an almost timeless fashionable headwear. Many wearers stick to the traditional styles, but Flexfit Delta caps appeal to those who want something a little different and special. They attract people who like to spend a little extra on a premium product, knowing that their Delta hats are constructed well and designed to last.

The design of the baseball cap may evolve further in the future, but for now, Flexfit Delta hats are perhaps the cutting edge in baseball hat design.

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