Yupoong Delta – what sets it apart?

Yupoong Delta - What sets it apart

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Yupoong Flexfit Delta is a revolutionary hat designed to be sleeker, lighter and more comfortable than a standard baseball style cap.

The Delta’s fabric is a mix of 92% polyester and 8% spandex. Its six panels have a seamless finish, and are bonded together with anti-bacterial bands.

The visor is lightweight and water-resistant. The three-layer multifunctional sweatband absorbs sweat, is stain resistant, and dries quickly. Stain block technology prevents sweat stains on the crown of the cap, and the lightweight yet hard buckram keeps the cap comfortable and shapely.

The Delta Cap’s water repellent properties keep you dry on rainy days, too.

The Flexfit Delta Carbon Cap comes in seven colours: black, dark grey, navy, red, silver and white. There are two sizes: small to medium, and large to extra large. Flexfit technology makes sure that the cap will fit all head sizes and is comfortable to wear all day.

The Delta hat has a mid-profile at 3½ inches high and has a curved visor that springs back to shape after being folded in a bag or pocket.

The Yupoong Flexfit Delta cap is designed to be worn inside or outside in all weathers. Both stylish and practical, it’s suitable for all types of people, whether young, old, male or female. Anyone who wants to look stylish and elegant but without sacrificing practicality should look no further than the Delta, as it’s a top-of-the-range, premium quality hat that appeals to sportspeople and lovers of the outdoors, as well as hip city dwellers.

Yupoong has been making hats since the 1970s and is passionate about innovating and developing hat technologies. The Delta hat is perhaps the pinnacle of Yupoong hat-making technology.

Yupoong caps can be customised with your company logo printed or embroidered on the visor or crown.

About Flexfit and Yupoong

Nearly 20 years ago, South Korean manufacturer Yupoong engineered the first Flexfit hat to make it the best fitting and comfortable hat there is. Whether walking down the street or taking part in extreme sports, Flexfit technology is designed to comfortably fit on your head all day, and offers the ultimate combination of style, practicality and durability.

Yupoong has a ‘zero defect’ manufacturing process with strict quality control to make sure that every hat leaves the factory with no flaws. What’s more, the company is constantly developing its technology and invests heavily in research and development. Cool dry technology, breathable fabrics, water proofing and wind proofing are some of the innovations that Yupoong incorporates in its hats, in keeping with the company slogan of “headwear excellence engineered to perfection.”

There are many companies making baseball-style hats, but Yupoong is committed to setting the standard. Yupoong hats are sold at major worldwide retailers, and manufactures hats that are branded by other companies. Hats can be branded with company logos to make them into your unique brand, which can be sold or given away as promotional gifts.

Yupoong cares about the environment too and makes sure that all the materials used, along with the manufacturing processes, have a minimal impact on the environment.

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