Yupoong hats – the Classics – a timeless option


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Always a favourite brand of headwear, the Classics hats available from Yupoong are timeless and stylish fashion items.

Why the Classics hats have lasted

It has been over 60 years since the baseball cap came out. Once the uniform of baseball players, they are must-have caps worn by everyone from tech leaders to celebrities snapped by the paparazzi.

It is difficult to pinpoint why this classic style has lasted, but is probably because the hats are the perfect marriage of style and practicality. Good-locking and highly practical, they are lightweight comfortable-fit caps that protect the head from the harsh sun, and they fit so well they will not fall off during vigorous exercise.

Yupoong has modernised the baseball cap with the Flexfit Delta, Flexfit 110 and other styles, but some Yupoong fans prefer the YP Classics.

Yupoong hats – the Classics

The Yupoong Classic Adjustable Cap is a premium quality item that comes in a range of styles, from six-panel caps to four panel jockey caps. They are made from quality cotton blend fabrics and have high standard components.

Adjustable straps fit one size of cap to all heads. You can select the standard adjustment strap or the snapback mechanism that automatically adjusts to fit.

The Classics hats are available in several colours and style options to suit your style.

Yupoong has been making Classics hats and selling snapback hats wholesale for over 40 years and during that time have learnt how to make the best in the industry. Wearers own a headwear item that incorporates technology that makes them extremely practical. The visors can be adjusted and curved as often as you like and will retain their shape. Zero defect systems at our factories make sure that each cap is produced to the highest standards.

Classic caps are not designed to be thrown away like other headwear that goes out of fashion, so you can expect to keep your Yupoong classic caps for a long time. The only reason for changing it could be because you fancy one in a different colour, not because it looks unfashionable.

Customising Yupoong classic hats

Many leading brands choose Yupoong hats. The classic range is particularly suitable for turning into own brand hats. Brands like Yupoong’s philosophy of creating classic style premium quality hats from a company that cares about the environment. Yupoong uses materials that conform to International environmental standards, and has environmentally friendly factories.

Perhaps T-shirts and baseball caps are the favourite clothing items to customise. This is because they are almost universality liked. You don’t have to be a particular type of person to wear a Yupoong classic hat. We have young, old, rich, poor, male and female wearers all happily sporting our caps. This means that when an organisation orders custom Yupoong hats branded with their logo and slogan, there is a good chance that people will love to wear them, and most importantly, people will be seen wearing the brand.

To obtain your own Yupoong hats – the Classics, buy them wholesale from us or order custom hats for giving away or selling.

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