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Yupoong has been making Flexfit baseball-style hats for over 42 years, and in that time has developed what we call the Classics.

These appeal to people who love the traditional looks of the baseball hat but consider them stylish for wearing with the latest fashions. They see that there is nothing old fashioned about wearing Yupoong Hats, the Classics with up-to-date clothes.

The Classics Adjustable Hats

Yupoong Classic Adjustable Hats have a strap at the back with a buckle that can be used to adjust the hat to fit various head sizes. These express a timelessly stylish and distinctive style, and are made from cotton-rich fabrics with wide visors that hold their shape. They are precision made caps designed to last.

Classics Snapbacks

Classics Snapbacks have self-adjusting straps at the rear that make the cap fit all head sizes without manual adjustments. Like the Classic Adjustable hats, these are made from the finest materials and are high-quality headwear.

How to wear Yupoong Hats, the Classics

The great thing about the Yupoong Classics caps is that they are a traditional style of baseball cap that also goes with contemporary looks. The roots of the classic caps are in the early twentieth century baseball teams who wore them as practical headwear to play baseball in. If any of these baseball hat wearing players were to be reincarnated now, they would likely be surprised to find out the many ways people wear classic hats.

Minimalism is a point of interest. Some pride themselves on having few possessions and have made their consumption of products minimal. The other type of minimalist is not so concerned about how many goods they own, but what those goods look like. They like furniture and fittings to have clean lines and solid colours. Minimalist fashion is about plain colours – often dark greys or blacks and no patterns. A black classic cap with minimalist clothes fits this style well. As a contrast, a subtle logo on the cap is acceptable.

The standard outfit for summer is a T-shirt and shorts with a classic baseball cap. This looks casually stylish, and the Yupoong hat is practical as it protects the face and head from harsh sunlight.

Most people regard the Yupoong classics hats as casual wear, but the hats look good with a more formal style too. A well-tailored jacket, smart slim fit trousers worn over a T-shirt and with a classic Yupoong hat can be described as casually formal

On warm but not hot days, Classics look good with denim jackets or hooded coats. They are a sort of transition statement, saying it’s not time for a thick woollen winter hat and not quite short sleeves and shorts weather either.

The main thing about the Yupoong hats, the Classics, is that they have no dress code. At Flexfit, we believe that any outfit you are comfortable in and you look good in is the perfect fashion to wear with a Yupoong Classics hat.

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