Yupoong hats, the Classics – perfect for streetwear

Flexfit streetwear caps

Streetwear is a fashion style inspired by the clothes that Californian surfers and skaters wear. Yupoong hats, like the YP Classics are a perfect to go with the streetwear style.

Streetwear focuses on loose, easygoing clothes including pants, baseball tops, and trainers. In the 1980s, surfers and skateboarders in California wore combinations of sportswear that they could easily find in sportswear shops. Fashion houses did not make streetwear clothes, so some skaters and surfers began to design their own clothing influenced by sportswear styles.

Fashion retailers now stock clothes that are designed for streetwear rather than for playing a sport in.

The baseball cap is part of streetwear fashion. Most streetwear fans have at least one cap in their wardrobe, which they regularly wear. Streetwear clothing has changed and evolved, but perhaps the one constant in streetwear is the classic baseball hat.

Yupoong Classics retain the iconic baseball design but have added technology. A classic Yupoong Flexfit cap looks like a traditional baseball hat but has sweatbands to keep the head cool and dry, while Permacurve technology maintains the shape of the visor.

At Flexfit, we produce Yupoong classics hats that are very versatile. They can be worn with streetwear but also go with many other styles, from casual, to smart casual, to more formal wear.

The classic Yupoong caps can be worn blank without added graphics or can be customised with logos and slogan to make them more personal. It’s entirely up to you.

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