Yupoong® is headquartered in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. It’s from here that its worldwide operations are managed, from product development right through to production.

Since the 1970s, Yupoong® has been driven by a desire to achieve innovation, excellent quality and tip-top service. Its beginnings may have been humble, but its reputation is superb and is growing every year. Always the front-runner in the industry, the South Korean company is known for such headwear creativity as the stretch-fit technology found in the Flexfit® cap. Today, it deservedly boasts an impressive list of well-known clients, and this portfolio is growing by the day.

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Yupoong® has challenged the notion that hats are simply a practical accessory, instead viewing headwear as something that forms part of a person’s identity, and can be designed and personalised as far as the imagination allows. With an emphasis on constant quality, Yupoong® headwear is perfect whether hats are needed for performance or to complement a style.

As you can see, Yupoong® is never content to rest on its laurels, but will continue to shape the headwear industry, while still remembering its roots and prioritising the levels of service and quality engineering that helped it make its name.


Yupoong® is synonymous with quality. Our headwear products mark us out from the competition and is why we are trusted by our customers and many big brands who come back to us time after time.

When you require products that will stand up to the demands of whatever you throw at it, our extensive range of high quality caps are more than up to the task. We combine the best of style and technology to provide top quality caps that are used by an array of top name clients.

Through continued innovation and development Yupoong® produce headwear that is more than simply a cap. From mosquito-repelling fabrics, odour-reducing fabrics, and climate-responsive materials, we are at the forefront of technology and performance headwear.

Yupoong® supply caps that excel at a range of different uses. If you require a quality cap that is going to allow you to remain cool during activity then our lightweight FLEXFIT® Cool & Dry caps will be more than up to the job. 

Think that wet weather will prove too much for our caps? Think again. Yupoong SP Hybrid Flexfit Delta® cap giving it exceptional water repellent properties.

If the environment is more your concern then our ethically sourced Yupoong organic cotton is a natural, renewable and biodegradable option. We have created the Yupoong® Rescued + Renewed Collection with caps made from recycled fabric and mesh made from plastic bottles.

Our caps can be high performance without cost to the environment. Through the use of FLEXFIT® Eco-Dry, which avoids the use of hazardous chemicals to create water-repellancy, we ensure that performance comes without an environmental cost.

For those for whom exercise nearly always is accompanied by a cap, our FLEXFIT® Pro-Formance caps excel at keeping the skin dry by wicking moisture away from it. The unique soft engineered fibres allow the Pro-Formance caps to breathe and keep you dry even when you are testing your body to your absolute limits.

Yupoong uses superior technology to deliver style and comfort whilst delivering a perfect fit. Whether you are looking to enhance your performance or your brand, our products can deliver on all fronts.

We are an environmentally aware producer of headwear and produce high performance caps without cost to the environment. Sustainability, recyclability and eco friendliness are our watchwords. Through our Yupoong® Rescued + Renewed Collection we address sustainability proactively. Creating caps made from recycled fabric and mesh made from plastic bottles, means we demonstrate our dedication to being an eco-friendly manufacturer.

Yupoong® have amassed more than four decades of experience in manufacturing caps and  headwear of unparalleled quality.  From perfect fitting Flexfit® Caps, to one sized Yupoong Classics® Snapbacks, Yupoong® Classics Adjustable, and Adjustable Flexfit 110® (One Ten) caps combining the best qualities of several of the caps in our range.

The Yupoong® Premium 210® patent fitted cap is the best fitted Pro-baseball cap in the headwear industry and is chosen by many of the top brands. Our Flexfit Delta® cap excels at heat regulation with excellent antibacterial properties making our caps the go to option for the active person.

If you require a cap for a specific purpose then you will be able to find one from our range that perfectly suits your requirements. Yupoong® caps are highly versatile combining the elements of style, fit, comfort and performance in equal measure.