What really helps the perfect fit that comes with a Flexfit® Cap is the special technology at its core, like the way they’ve applied scientific construction to create headwear solutions for a variety of sizes.
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YP Classics®

The legendary snapbacks are made with the high quality standards as you would expect from Yupoong. Each cap is put together with a premium blend of materials and fabrics, all of which are internationally approved.
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YP Classics® Adjustable

Yupoong has Over 50 years’ experience in manufacturing adjustable caps of unparalleled quality. Yupoong’s one sized classics come in a range of different styles and shapes with an option of many size adjusting components.

Flexfit 110® Caps

Already a headwear pioneer, Yupoong has upped its capabilities even further with the introduction of the Adjustable Flexfit 110® (One Ten) cap. A one-size-fits-all item, the Adjustable patent Flexfit 110® brings a level of style and fit that simply cannot be beaten.
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Flexfit 210® Caps

Flexfit 210® patent fitted cap is like no other, it is a Pro-baseball on field shaped cap with a flat visor but with a unique expanding patent technology to give the user a perfect fit, these revolutionary engineered 2 sized caps are structured to fit 10 different head sizes.

Flexfit Delta® Caps

Flexfit Delta® is a top of the range hat that really has it all. Sleeker, cleaner, lighter, stronger and drier, it maximises comfort and style by avoiding sewing patches together, thus creating a seamless finish.
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YP Knitted Beanies from Yupoong never skimp on quality, with their top-class high-density Acrylic, and these superior standards are reflected in the caps they produce

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