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Sizing for caps might not be as exact as it is for the likes of suits, trousers and shoes, but it’s important to make sure the cap fits.

If your cap is too tight, then aside from being uncomfortable, you also run the risk of undesirable ‘hat hair’, along with one of those less than flattering indentations across your forehead from the strap. Too loose, and it look and feel awkward on your head, or worse still, fall off in a sudden gust of wind!

Get a head start

To understand what size and style of cap would suit you best, measure your head circumference. This is pretty much impossible to do on your own, so ask somebody to help you.

Using a tape measure, they should measure the part of your head where the cap will sit, so it’s best to start just above your ear and run the tape across your mid-forehead.

Most people have a head size somewhere between 54 and 65 centimetres (21 to 25.5 inches). A medium sized cap is usually around 56 to 58 centimetres, so use this as a guide to work out which size you need, or take a look at our Flexfit hat sizing chart for more accurate guidelines.

Sizing varies from one style of Flexfit cap to the next, but adjustability and personalisation are always integral to what we do. There are three main types of fitting we provide so that your cap can be just the style you’re looking for:

360-degree stretch

The basic Flexfit cap comes in two sizes – S/M or L/XL – but can fit a range of head sizes and shapes within these brackets. This is thanks to the special 360-degree technology included in each of them.

The sweatband in these caps is built to stretch in every direction, and thanks to the special fibres and technology we use, this affects every panel of the cap, meaning you’re not simply left with a stretchy sweatband but an ungainly look when it comes to the crown of the cap itself.


The YP Classics Snapback range provides another to solution to getting one cap to fit several head sizes. This distinctive strap is one of the most recognisable and satisfying parts of a great looking cap.

The caps are so-named because at the back of them are several notches that you can ‘snap’ into holes to fit your head – simple really!

Adjustable buckle

Another closure option comes in the form of the buckle available with caps like the Yupoong Classic Adjustable.

Definitely a classy and sophisticated choice, this option works in much the same way as the belt and buckle system you will be familiar with from other clothing items. Using the buckle, you can tighten or loosen the strap until you find the perfect fit.

Don’t forget, at Flexfit, we’re all about customisation, so if you like a particular style of cap but would prefer a different type of fitting to what it comes with, get in touch and we’ll be happy to provide a quote.

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