Yupoong Camo hats – not just for the hunter or soldier

Camouflage or camo patterns were first developed for the military to make it difficult for them to be seen by the enemy. Hunters adopted camo to make them less visible to their prey. Nowadays camo patterns are fashionable for the opposite effect, wearers want to be noticed. The origins of camo Camouflage was developed to […]

Stand out by blending in with Yupoong Camo caps

You don’t have to be in the military, or of a hunting background, to like wearing the Yupoong Camo cap. These make for stylish fashionwear for all types of people – young, old, active or relaxed. Camouflage was

What makes the ‘camo’ cap so popular?

Yupoong Flexfit Camo hats are loved for both their fashionable looks and their practicality, and with the new Multicam hat launched earlier this year, Flexfit is always looking for new ways to develop this