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Often, the problem with buying someone a hat is that you need to know their head size in order for it to fit well. This is not the case with the Yupoong 110 caps, as they adjust to fit all head sizes from small to large.

One size fits everyone

The 110 cap is a classic-style baseball hat where the snapback strap automatically adjusts to fit all head sizes. You don’t have to choose the size of the cap – just the colour.

Yupoong 110 caps fit well in a way that keeps them on the head when exercising or running, but also feels extremely comfortable. They are ideal to customise with a brand and give them away as promotional products. Unlike many branded clothing items, there is no need to keep a range of sizes. A business that gives branded Yupoong 110 caps to its employees, clients, and business contacts knows that the caps will fit.

Love the quality

People who wear 110 caps love their quality. They like the feel of the wool blend fabric and wear them knowing that they will last a long time. Absorbent elastic headbands keep the head cool and dry in hot weather, or when working up a sweat during hard exercising.

You can give a loved one a 110 cap knowing that they are receiving a quality gift made with premium materials. Companies like to associate themselves with the Yupoong name because they are partnering with a quality brand dedicated to producing the finest headwear. Yupoong cares for the planet and uses materials and manufacturing processes that do not harm the environment.

The balance between fashion and function

Yupoong 110 caps are the perfect balance of function and fashion. They are practical caps that look stylish and go with many types of outfits. Most people see 110 caps as casual wear, but bold fashion influencers wear theirs with more formal looks. Catwalk models have been known to wear baseball hats when showing off designer clothes.

The 110 caps are an almost timeless fashion item. While other clothing styles come and go, the baseball cap has been around for decades and still looks on trend. Your dad may wear a 110 cap, but that doesn’t make younger people unfashionable by wearing theirs.

Baseball caps started life as headgear to shade baseball players from the sun, but now they are worn by anyone, young and old. Young people sometimes like to wear their caps back-to-front, not caring to keep their face in shade.

Caps can be branded with your unique custom design. Yupoong will embroider your brand logo and slogan on your caps, which will raise brand awareness and recognition. Customers and clients loyal to your brand will be happy to wear branded Yupoong 110 caps that advertise your business.

To take the guesswork out of giving a hat, choose the Flexfit 110 cap that fits all sizes. Consider making a Flexfit 110 cap a special gift by presenting it in a gift box tied with a ribbon.

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