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As it has been making headwear for over 40 years, Yupoong have developed several advanced technologies that make its hats extremely practical and hard wearing. The company philosophy is to make quality headwear using environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing processes.

A long and proud history

Yupoong was founded in Seoul, South Korea in the 1970s, and since then has developed a reputation for making premium quality headwear that combines style with practicality.

Yupoong specialises in the Flexfit range of baseball style hats. This spans several ranges of hats that range from the traditional styles of the Dad and Trucker hat, to a more modern take on the baseball hat as seen in the Flexfit 110 and industry-leading Delta range.

Yupoong is committed to quality and the ‘Zero Defects’ program is a quality control process that makes sure that all the hats are made well and rugged enough to last a long time.

Customised hats

The Yupoong Custom Hat program is a great way for companies and organisations to have their own unique branded headwear. Many high-profile brands have their own range of Yupoong hats.

Celebrities and sports stars are seen wearing custom Yupoong/ Flexfit hats, and they are worn by employees, given to away as promotion items, seen at events, and sold as souvenirs of tourist attractions. Organisations love Yupoong hats as they appeal to a wide variety of people and are worn by their supporters.

Hats can be branded and sold as own label fashion headwear.


Yupoong has taken the classic style of the baseball hat and added technology and styling options to bring the style up to date.

An example of this technology is Permacurve. The problem with many baseball caps is that the peak easily loses its shape, as the defined curve of the visor sags and looks shabby. Permacurve addresses this issue by maintaining the visor’s shape regardless of how often it is curved or adjusted.

Sportspeople often make Yupoong their headwear brand of choice too. When playing very active sports, concentration can be broken by sweat dripping down the face. Yupoong has developed sweatbands that prevent moisture and banish odours to leave the head cool and dry. This technology is also useful on very hot days, when simply walking down the street can cause sweat.

Of course, it shouldn’t be overlooked that Yupoong hats are also very comfortable to wear.

Who wears Yupoong?

There is no typical wearer of Yupoong hats. The old and the young of both sexes love them. They are worn by factory workers and famous celebrities. Hunters and trekkers wear them in the wilderness, while young fashion conscious people like to be seen in Yupoong hats in the urban environment.

The wide demographic of Yupoong wearers is one reason why organisations love them as promotional products. They know that people will regularly wear their hats.

Yupoong/Flexfit caps are available at leading clothing stores and sportswear retailers, as well as online retailers.

Top class customer service

Yupoong is passionate about excellent customer service, with bases in Europe, USA and the Middle East.

If you would like to know more about Yupoong and how you can have your own personalised hats, contact a member of our team.

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